In 2006, I began my professional career as a writer and content developer for Hawaii-based media and social enterprise, Greater Good Inc., which aimed to promote social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.
I lef


t the organization not only with a wealth of experience but also the heart for societal involvement. Thus, when I joined a software development company I brought with me the value of social entrepreneurship. In 2008, a few months in to my new position, I started Greater Good Philippines, where I told the stories of social entrepreneurs, volunteers, philanthropists, and ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things for their community, in hopes of motivating and inspiring others to do the same.

In essence, Greater Good Philippines is an offshoot of Greater Good Inc., albeit in a smaller scale.
After countless hours of interviews and dozens of individuals featured, Greater Good Philippines takes on a new form–towards the promotion of sustainable living in the country particularly in the Metro Manila. This is born out of my passion for cycling, which includes bike commuting. Thus, starting 2016, Greater Good Philippines will be mostly about cycling and sustainable transportation/living, without forgetting its roots in social entrepreneurship.

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  2. My name is Gary Ramsay. I am the Director of News Operations for Arise News. We are looking for someone who can give us an update on the storm sweeping through the Philippines right now.

    We know things must be rather hectic now but any commentary you could provide at 17:00 GMT would be greatly appreciated. If you have a recommendation for a reporter in the Philippines, that would be great as well.

    Please send me a response to gary.ramsay@arise.tv

    Gary Anthony Ramsay
    Director of U.S. News, Operations & Public Affairs
    Arise News
    401 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor
    New York, NY 10016
    (O) 212-401-4908
    (C) 917-721-8395

    • jayrpatron says:

      Hi Gary. I can give an account of the weather condition in Manila. Rains are intermittent with occasional gusts. No serious flooding reported. As of 6pm (+8GMT), CNN has reported three casualties. Local media reported one casualty. The governor of the province of Leyte, where the typhoon first made landfall, reported no casualty at the time of writing. You may refer to hashtags #yolanda #yolanda phone and twitter accounts of reporters @atomaraullo and @jeffcanoy from ABS-CBN

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